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20 Oct08:16am

Admission Admission started for BVA Foundation and BVA

Admission started for BVA Foundation and BVA[...]

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Well Structured

Bodhi is structured with the best code of practices in the education industry under the insight of experienced faculties.

Build Your Career

We also help survive the students in Art field while learning, To achieve this, Bodhi providing a novel scheme whereby the students can exhibit their works !

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We are just 1.5km away
from City Railway station & Bus station.
It’s quick and hassle free!

Exhibitions & Students Works


  • Art is revelation of creativity imbibed in Artist’s mind when he perceives the beauty in Nature. Now opportunity is available to look at such creativity brought out by the artist. The element to enjoy beauty is imbibed in every individual. Bodhi stand as Beacon light to guide art lovers who inadvertently opted out of the field of art and yet wish to achieve in art field. In fact many individuals are not aware of the existence of Art colleges and fail to utilize such colleges. Now it is time to identify such art lovers and introduce them to the Art world after providing due knowledge and skill. Each individual after studying for 18 years of schooling and PUC can join for a degree course in Art despite busy schedule. Good correspondence, practical demonstrations and guidance of eminent Art teachers enable to mould an individual into a good Artist. Anywhere in the world, the Artist would be recognized if he holds a degree and they can work as art teachers as well.

    M. B. Patil Well known Artist from Karnataka

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BVA Foundation and BVA
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